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Spicy Sonoran Trail Mix

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12 oz. package of our Spicy Sonoran Trail Mix. 

A harmonious fusion of bold flavors and satisfying crunch. Each handful is a flavorful adventure featuring buttery cashews, honey-roasted peanuts, and the zesty kick of wasabi peas. The trail takes an unexpected turn with cajun sesame sticks, hearty corn nuts, and crispy rice crackers, creating a textural masterpiece. For the daring palate, we've infused the mix with a tantalizing blend of jalapeno powder, chili powder, lemon powder, and cayenne, adding layers of heat and zest that will leave your taste buds tingling. Perfect for those who crave an adventurous snack that's as bold as the Sonoran Desert itself – our Sonoran Spice Trail Mix is a spicy symphony that will keep you coming back for more.

Ingredients: Cashews, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Wasabi
Peas, Cajun Sesame Sticks, Corn Nuts,
Rice Crackers, Jalapeno Powder, Chili
Powder, Lemon Powder, Cayenne

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ALLERGEN INFO: We process macadamias, almonds, pecan, peanuts and coconut in our facility. We take pride in the cleanliness of our production facility but it is possible our confections may contain traces of these nuts. Our truffles and chocolates contain dairy in the form of butter, milk or cream. Our solid milk and white chocolates contain milk. Our scrap cookies contain gluten, dairy and eggs.
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